Custom Rugby Jersey Styles

Design Your Own Rugby Kit Today

Bespoke design is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe everyone should look good whilst playing in their kit, and we believe that it should be inspired by the wearers own input.

We pride ourselves on our fantastic rugby jersey designs, from classy looking club wear to the incredibly outlandish nature of some of our sevens kits. We've designed almost everything, and yet we still come up with brilliant new ideas every day.

Through our process of sublimating shirts we can make top quality shirts with patterns based upon any images you would like incorporated. Take a look in our galleries for images of rugby jerseys we have designed, not all of them have been produced, some are purely conceptual and have been put up to give you an example of what we do!

So try our fantastic 3D kit designer and make your own rugby kit today, or contact us with a request for our design team.

Shirt Styles

Style: Body Contour

Collar: Round, V- neck and continental

This shirt is available in a raglan and set in sleeve. The fabric is made up of 10% lycra and 90% polyester, it is designed to feel like wearing a second skin, super light and incredibly versatile. This shirt is for the fittest, and looks amazing on those at their physical peak. Ideal for 7's, Touch or even just to wear at your leisure!

Style: Muscle Pro

Collars available: Round Neck

Our incredible Muscle Pro fit shirt is loved at all levels. To make that showpiece shirt extra special, or if you just want to show off your body on tour, our skin tight Muscle Pro fit shirt is definitely for you. Made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastane which provides stretch whilst retaining its shape.

Style: Semi-Fit

Collars available: Round Neck, Continental, Traditional, Grandad, Horseshoe, V-neck

The Semi-fit shirt is hands down our most popular shirt fit, with just enough fabric to be a comfortably loose fit, yet still give you a more sculpted shape and modern look.

Style: Traditional

Collars available: Round Neck, Continental, Traditional, Granddad, Horseshoe, V-neck

A classic style, the traditional fit is nice and loose for the guys who need or want a larger size and are quite happy to tuck it in, or people who just like the traditional shirt look.

Style: Ladies Silhouette Fit

Collar: Round or V- neck

This unique shirt has been designed and developed using the softest technical fabric that incorporates a two way stretch allowing it to morph to the feminine shape which accentuates the natural curves and womanly physique. Both our shirts have been designed to accommodate all positions and sporting abilities.

Style: Ladies Semi-Fit

Collar: Round, Continental, Granddad, Traditional

Designed to complement the female form this semi fit shirt comes with a choice of collars and is made in a 100% polyester fabric.

Style: Vest

Collar: Round or V-neck

This vest can be made in lightweight fabric which is ideal for training or for cooling down in between games making it ideal for 7's, Touch, Beach as well as looking good with your board shorts whilst relaxing.

This can also be made in "Body Contour" fabric giving you a tighter fit whilst still incredible easy and light to wear.